Invitations - For striking memory

Invitations are part of social culture in most of the developed countries and developing nations. It plays an indispensable role since it helps to convey the message, the importance and the schedule of the program at a glance.

They come in various medium to suit each individuals pocket and needs. Various types of invitation are designed that forms a exclusive range from the normal ivory board cards to custom made special cards. Tailor made cards are meant for uniqueness in design and quality for the too choosy customer. The cost of the cards vary according to the design and the medium chosen for printing the same. Die cut cards are undertaken as special orders to suit the taste of the individual client.

Invitations can be printed using offset printing machines and screen printing techniques. Offset printing is opted when the requirement of cards are in bulk and screen printing for small quantities.

You can outsource invitations from Amman Prints, who do a creative job in designing and as well as in quality printing. For all enquiries received by Amman Printers, you can get quote for printing before moving to next stage. Single colour and multi colour cards can be supplied ensuring a fast turnaround and delivery schedule along with excellent customer service.


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