Label Stickers - Facilitate Your Task

Label stickers printing find great deal of usage in all retail outlets and corporate stationary consumption. Labels can be printed in various types of papers, common among them are chromo art paper, foreign art paper, map litho paper, duplex boards, etc.

Label stickers printing are mostly done using screen printing method if the requirement is not in large volume. The pre gummed papers are used for printing, there after the scoring is done according to the needed size and easy peeling in singles from the release paper. Label stickers printing are also done using offset printing machines. Normally when the need for bulk quantity arises, offset printing proves very cost effective.

We out source label printing of different sizes and quality to suit your needs. Send your query and get quote for printing before confirming your order for the same. At Amman Prints we assure you fast turnaround and delivery schedule to meet your order apart from great quality and cost effective solutions.


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