Post Cards - Effective and cost effective communication

Post cards are the earliest forms of stationary used for communicating among people. Even today these post cards are utilized by many and proves to be very economical compared to other postal stationary available.

Post cards can be printed for special applications and for individual requirements. In India postcards printing is done for seasonal occasions like Pongal and Diwali. During these festivals colourful post cards are sent to convey greetings to one another to express affection and to maintain cordial relationship.

Colourful post cards are largely printed using offset printing machines. Post cards come in various colours, sometimes in single colour, double colour and multi colour printing on a white board and at times in colour board in single colour offset printing. Seasonal greetings are mostly printed in multi colour offset printing with attractive visuals.

We out source post card printing in various designs and quality. We request you to get quote for printing for all the stationary you intend to print. At Amman we guarantee a fast turnaround and delivery schedule apart from assuring excellent printing and finish.


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