Posters are an attractive way of drawing attention of the passer by or a particular target audience at a pre determined locality. A colourful poster of a A3 size can be effective tool to talk about your product or service. Usually posters are designed using effective creative content, catchy colour and apt visuals for greater impact among the readers. Posters in India have been is existence for propaganda of cinemas in urban and rural areas.

"Posters printing" was earlier done using lithography machines, now posters printing are largely done using 'offset printing' machines with large print heads that accommodates as big as a double demi size map litho paper. Posters printing can be done even in imported art boards or ivory boards other than litho papers for better finish.

We at Amman Prints undertake jobs that are challenging and creative to the core. You can "order poster" with us when you demand exceptionally quality based creative posters for a good campaign, which would be sure to drive excellent mileage. We particularly "outsource printing" that warrantees high quality of creativity and finish. Off course most of all we assure a fast turnaround and delivery for all the orders we execute.

Some of the specimens that we have dispalyed will explain the standard of work that we do. You can place your order as per your requirements from the following options available with us and we can also supply non standard made to order posters.


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